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Wine Goblet
Flip Chart

Client: Agency — California Winery


To promote a winery’s selections in a hospitality setting, the company’s promotional agency wanted to create a tabletop display in the shape of a wine goblet that would be long-lasting, look high end and contain a flip chart to showcase the various wine products. Since Braeside has been manufacturing custom hospitality fixtures for more than 35 years, the team knew that standard metal binding rings weren’t ideal because they aren’t attractive, would flop to one side and are difficult to open. Energized by this challenge, the team used its manufacturing and creative prowess to design a better binding ring.


Braeside’s team met for a brainstorming session to create a new, improved binding ring. They decided on using clear polycarbonate – the same material used in football helmets – since the resin is unbreakable and has the best memory of all available resins. The ring would consistently return to its original shape, no matter how many times it was opened. In addition, it was able to stand straight at the top of the flip chart and had the elegant look that the client desired.

Braeside assembled the initial prototype and rigorously tested it to ensure it would withstand the demands of a restaurant environment. The client approved the prototype and the final piece was delivered in time to meet the client’s urgent deadline.

Braeside patented the ring design and it quickly became a company standard for use in similar applications.

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<h2>Features</h2> <ul> <li>Laser cut polished goblet profile</li> <li>Break resistant additives for long-lasting, reliable durability</li> <li>Attractive changeable inserts</li> <li>Clear Lexan binding rings with "snap back" memory</li> </ul>