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Infection Control Station

Client: Marketing Department — Prominent Teaching Hospital


One of the premier hospitals in the Midwest needed to communicate the importance of hygiene etiquette to employees and patients as part of a new CDC health initiative. They were looking for stand-alone stations that would dispense hand sanitizer, tissues and face masks, as well as include an eye-catching graphic to educate and inform. After finding nothing suitably functional, attractive and durable on the market, the hospital contacted Braeside Displays to create the custom infection control stations.


Braeside’s design and manufacturing team began by conducting a field study to determine the type of aesthetics and traffic patterns found in hospital lobbies.

The team met several design and manufacturing challenges by:

  • Creating dispensers that were easily loaded but tamper resistant, to prevent pilfering
  • Using special break-resistant resins that could withstand high traffic, abusive conditions and regular cleaning with antiseptic solutions
  • Using solid oak components to meet the aesthetics of the image-conscious hospital

After the hospital approved the final prototype, Braeside methodically tested it to ensure it met all of the specifications. The product was such a success that many other medical facilities throughout the country have ordered similar stations for their own facilities.

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<h2>Features</h2> <ul> <li>Commercial grade, extra durable construction for high traffic areas</li> <li>Tamper resistant engineering for dispensing consumables</li> <li>Designed and custom finished in solid oak to compliment upscale environment</li> <li>Branded with hospital logo and custom message</li> <li>Quick change poster frame design</li> </ul>