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Dog Treat Display

Client: Agency — Animal Healthcare Products


An animal healthcare company wanted to promote its new drug at veterinarian's offices. To do so, it needed a durable yet inexpensive counter display that would hold dog treats, have a bold header that could be changed out for new promotions and hold a replaceable tear-pad. It also needed to match its corporate brand colors. It had tried, and was dissatisfied, with low-quality corrugated cardboard displays that degraded quickly and had a low perceived value. They looked to Braeside Displays to solve this challenge.


When Braeside's design and manufacturing team discussed design options, they determined that the display should be crafted from light gauges of transparent, break-resistant material. Since color matching plastics at the mill adds significant cost and requires additional time, Braeside flood-coated the back of the display, matching the clients brand colors exactly.

To hold the clients non-standard replaceable tear pad, Braeside invented an inexpensive sleeve.

After creating a full-scale, color-matched prototype, the client readily approved the sample. To expedite the promotion and further save the client time and money, Braeside assembled and fulfilled the displays by inserting the graphics, treats and tear pad. Each unit was packaged and shipped to over 1,200 destinations.

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<h2>Features</h2> <ul> <li>Economical color match branding</li> <li>Changeable graphic header</li> <li>Tough, break resistant substrates</li> <li>Custom engineered holder for replaceable tear pads</li> <li>Turnkey fulfillment included permanent installation of products</li> </ul>